Who Is The Traveling Bachelor?

Sea Turtles at Turtle Beach on Oahu, Hawaii

The Traveling Bachelor is a Stanford and NYU Medical School educated doctor and travel blogger in his late 30’s, living and working on the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii. Just like William Hung from American Idol, he has no professional training (in blogging or writing, not singing…Okay, maybe singing as well!), yet somehow he is now a published author of the best-selling Hawaii travel guide eBook Oahu Nightlife & Travel Guide and a wannabe travel blogger.

In 2006, after living a life of comfort in California, The Traveling Bachelor moved to Oahu, Hawaii with plans of only working a year or two in paradise. Nine years later, after picking up surfing, hiking, and all the other amazing activities in Hawaii, he is happy to call Honolulu home. He spends his copious free time traveling to over 40 countries all over the world, hosting and touring friends, CouchSurfers, and world travelers around the gorgeous sights of Hawaii.

His recent Hawaii lifestyle blog, How Much Does It Cost to Live for a Month in Honolulu? has been republished numerous times by LifePart2.com and Business Insider magazine. The Traveling Bachelor loves to share his insider knowledge of the Hawaii hiking, beach, surfing, nightlife, and restaurant with anybody who ever dreamed about visiting Hawaii.

And no, Mom, I’m still not getting married anytime soon!