A Note To My Loyal Readers

A GoPro shot of a sunset boat cruise in Waikiki, Honolulu

Hear ye, hear ye…I’m going to be playing with a new look and format for The Traveling Bachelor in the weeks and months to come. Instead of just blogging about exotic, bizarre, and ridiculous travel stories, I’m going to be having more of a weekly focus on reviewing the new restaurants, nightclubs, lounges, and tourist sights from both Hawaii and around the globe.

The reason for this is because I get WAY too lazy to usually punch out a great travel story, and it takes me way longer than I want to write an excellent travel blog entry for you guys. Most people usually end up asking me about what was worth eating, drinking, and seeing at all the places I go to, and specifically for Hawaii. Heck, I wrote an entire eBook dedicated to Hawaii nightlife, food, and tourist sights!

By rebranding this way, I think I will be way better at blogging short reviews that will be useful to you on your travels to Hawaii and around the globe, and I’ll be able to reference them in hyperlinks when I still post up my completely entertaining, but sometimes difficult to write, travel blog entries. Because I know you still want to read about what idiotic stuff my friends and I get into as we travel around the world.

Also, I’ve realized that my focus, tips, and advice lately to friends, readers, and strangers around the world is becoming more and more about what to do in Hawaii, so I want to give you guys way more useful information, and don’t keep you waiting too long between posts.

I hope you guys stick with me in this new exciting adventure! To paraphrase the great Chinese-American hero, William Hung from “American Idol”: “I have no professional training of singing or dance or blogging.” Hope you forgive the bumps in the road…and Travel On!

The Traveling Bachelor