GoPro 4 Silver FLASH Deal – Only $299 with Free Shipping!


For anyone who has been watching all my Caraoke, surfing, camping, and hiking videos, they were all filmed with my GoPro 4 Silver…It’s probably the best travel and action camera investment I’ve made in the last 5 years.

Normally, they go for about $399 (plus tax and tip). The cheapest I’ve ever seen it around Black Friday 2015 was $329. I just found out about a GREAT deal through Dick’s Sporting Goods that will get you it delivered for free in the United States (not sure about Hawaii or Alaska though) for only $299, with FREE SHIPPING.

The catch is, it’s a FLASH deal, meaning it only lasts til 10 pm EST TONIGHT (January 28th, 2016). Just click on this link to go to the Dick’s Sporting Goods website, add the GoPro 4 Silver (normally $399) to your shopping cart, and it’ll knock off $100 to make your total $299, with FREE shipping!

I don’t work for GoPro or Dick’s Sporting Goods but with all my travel trips and footage, and GoPro’s recent partnership with up and coming live-streaming video app Periscope, this is a great investment. My only minor complaints about the GoPro 4 Silver is that it’s pretty horrible at low-light/dark settings without extra backup light (like worse than the iPhone video), it doesn’t have the greatest battery life (especially if you use the touch/video screen), and it can be quite shaky for video footage if you don’t have a good mount or hold it steady (which can be taken care of by stabilizing the footage on iMovie).

It’s possible GoPro will release a way better GoPro 5 Silver or something in the future, but for now this is the best option you have for the best price! It’s a way better deal and useable camera than the GoPro 4 Black or the GoPro Session. Hope you all manage to get one, if you’ve been looking for one!

(NOTE: ThereĀ is a way to get the final price of the GoPro 4 Silver down to $265 by following the complicated directions here, but I figured it’s more trouble than it’s worth.)

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